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Air Dominance Athletics Sets New Standard at ITTC

September 28, 2023

Elite Human Performance Programs for 5th Gen Pilot Training

Air Dominance Athletics sets a new standard at ITTC

The International Tactical Training Centre (ITTC) is redefining the training pipeline once again with the addition of its Air Dominance Athletics program as the new standard for human performance training at ITTC. ITTC has partnered with Brent McKenzie of Precision Fitness and Performance Centre and Gustavo Ruthes of Perfect Mind Mental Performance who have over 30 years of combined professional experience in maximising human performance.

The ITTC Air Dominance Athletics program includes:
– Small group and one on one customised sessions
– Scientifically proven techniques to enhance cognitive function, decision making and resilience under high stress.
– Peak physical fitness training promoting cockpit endurance, agility, coordination, and career longevity in crucial combat and training situations.
– Nutritional optimization coaching.
– Biometric tracking and data analysis.
– Guidance from world-class experts.

Brendan Pierce the Head of Training at ITTC says, “At ITTC we understand the limitations of human performance and the effects it has on combat performance in complex battlespaces. We also recognise what is required in an elite 5th Gen training program. Air Dominance Athletics is the new standard for human performance training on our course offerings as we continue to lead the way with progressive, adaptable and customisable advanced 5th Gen training programs.”

The first fighter pilots to benefit from this unique program are scheduled for courses in 2024.

The International Tactical Training Centre is a division of the International Test Pilot School located in London, Ontario Canada. ITTC offers custom tactical training courses focused on all levels of pilot training from Lead in Fighter Training to Fighter Weapons Instructor Courses.

Photo of the Precision Fitness & Performance Centre in London Ontario