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Training Aircraft

ITTC’s brand new 40,000-square-foot installations located at London International Airport house a diverse fighter training fleet including 5 L-39C, 3 L-29 and 2 Hawker Hunter T.7 aircraft, one of which is configured as a 5th Generation threat aircraft.

It also includes a variety of helicopters and UAVs including a MALE surrogate equipped with an EO sensor as well as a heavy HU-16 Albatross seaplane.

Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre

ITTC’s Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre is a unique facility, featuring F/A-18E, F-16C and F-35 simulators. The simulators feature high-resolution graphics on semi-domes and screens. All simulators are networked allowing Mixed Fighter Force training and real-time ACMI from the Mission Theatre where briefings and debriefings are held.

This unique facility features cutting edge technology that provides effective, realistic, and unrestricted synthetic training to military customers from around the world.


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