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Weapons & Tactics Training

The Top Gun course offered by ITTC, is the Fighter Weapons Instructor Course.  The 16-week FWIC is modeled on the USAF FWIC aimed at training a cadre of up to eight (8) Fighter Weapons and Tactics experts

  • Photo of green camoflauge L-39 jet aircraft flying with wheels down.
  • Photo of three L-39 jet aircraft with snow in the background sitting on the tarmac.
  • Photo of three L-39 Aircraft flying in formation over London Canada

Courses are presented in the country and include an extensive ground school phase of several weeks covering topics such as, Air to Air, Air to Ground, OCA, DCA. The flying phase culminates with a Combined Air Operation (COMAO) phase. The syllabus is tailored to the customer’s operational requirements following an initial planning meeting.

Previously run courses have resulted in immediate and tangible improvements in capabilities and effectiveness of the squadrons participating in the program and the addition of a cadre of elite weapons and tactics experts able to develop training, tactics and procedures to face current and future threats.

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