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Redefining the Training Pipeline

Over twenty years of experience providing advanced tactical training to Air Forces worldwide

The International Tactical Training Centre is a specialised facility providing on-demand advanced military flight training, featuring:

  • Expert team of international instructors;
  • Fighter Lead-In Training to Fighter Weapons Instructor Courses;
  • Tailored training programs available on demand;
  • World-class facilities;
  • Latest technology including Live Virtual Constructive training for today and tomorrow’s combat aircrew.

Modern warfare has evolved:

Since 1991, when the first precision weapon was used in the Gulf war, technology has presented both opportunities and challenges to armed forces around the world. Potential opportunities for achieving or upgrading military capabilities using off-the-shelf technology, but also challenges to adapt military procurement, education, and training to this constantly changing environment.

Technology is at the core of Airpower, from planning through execution and training of Air Force personnel. The key is to harness technology with a proper and balanced educational program and innovative thinking.

Planning requires Training

A structured and sustained training strategy is pivotal to a modern warfighter to maintain effective capabilities in the air domain.

ITTC is a premiere combat training establishment able to provide bespoke academic and capabilities-based training aligning perfectly with each customer and warfighter’s specific needs, ensuring that they are ready for the current and future battle space. ITTC prides itself on it’s expertise in modern scenarios, 5th generation threat inclusion, standoff weapons, cyber threats and modern combat technologies. Our customizable courses can be provided in the ITTC center of excellence, or can also be carried out in a client’s home country.

ITTC by the Numbers

  • 25

    Air Force Clients

  • 47


  • 16

    Expert Military Instructors

  • 30+

    Support Staff

  • 35+

    Contractor Instructor Network

  • 5

    L-39 Aircraft

  • 5

    Full Fighter Weapons Instructor Courses presented to date

  • 4

    Air Forces per intake

  • 2000+

    Training flight hours per year and growing

Responsive and Innovative Training Solutions

Talk to an ITTC specialist today about your bespoke training needs