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Graduation for Mission Commander Course 2023

February 23, 2023

Congratulations to the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) on successfully graduating from our Mission Commander Course. Six hardworking students tested their limits as they honed their skills using tactical assets to skillfully achieve strategic goals in large-force employment scenarios.

Brendan “Darcee” Pierce, Head of Training, presented students with graduation certificates and said “it was a pleasure working once again with fighter pilots from the Royal Thai Air Force. The Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre proved invaluable by providing the ability to, in a short time, conduct numerous large force employment exercises with 60 plus blue coalition aircraft versus various threat aircraft and ground-based air defence in a controlled environment.”

Royal Thai Air Force student receiving certificate from Brendan Pierce at ITTC
Student at ITTC being presented with graduation certificate at ITTC in London, Ontario
Student at the International Tactical Training Centre in Canada earning certificate
Student at ITTC being presented a certificate by Brendan Pierce.
RTAF student receiving Mission Commander certificate
Student from Royal Thai Air Force receiving Mission Commander certificate.
Royal Thai Air Force graduation from the Mission Commander course at ITTC