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ITTC Expert Brendan Pierce

March 18, 2021

Brendan “Darcee” Pierce

Brendan joined the International Tactical Training Centre in the summer of 2019 and is the Deputy Head of Training. After a 14-year career in the RCAF, he retired as a CF-18 Fighter Weapons Instructor. Having gone to war, conducting multiple operational deployments, instructing both the Fighter Weapons Advanced level and new CF-18 pilots, a change of pace was welcome.

Born and raised in London, Ontario, and long overdue to return to the area, Brendan knew ITTC provided a unique opportunity to continue tactical flying while being close to friends and family.

When asked about the best advice he had for prospective students, Brendan shared:

“After completion of FLIT you will not be a good tactical aviator. You will have built the conceptual foundation to understand more advanced tactics and the ability to learn in a dynamic fighter environment safely. With this strong foundation built on FLIT comes the ability to evolve into a tactical expert on an advanced fighter. I am delighted to lead the ITTC team in training fighter pilots at ITTC ensuring they receive those foundations essential to be an asset to a front-line Squadron.”

In working with our international students, Brendan has learned to expect the unexpected and never miss an opportunity to pass on knowledge or experience.

Brendan, your hard work and dedication to ITTC and our students, is appreciated.

Brendan "Darcee" Pierce in black International Tactical Training Centre flight suit.