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ITTC’s Tactical Training Seminar a Huge Success

May 28, 2023

Wow! What a lineup of expert speakers! ITTC has just finished its two-day event, “Redefining the Training Pipeline.” This unique forum gave attendees valuable insight into the current military training challenges and explored solutions to prepare fighter pilots for the future battlespace.

ITTC extends a special thank you to presenters Lockheed Martin, Korea Aerospace Industries, Turkish Aerospace, Dave Wheeler, Billie Flynn, Zach Levy, NATO Association of Canada, S&IG, 2 Circle, CAE,, Varjo, ED Mission Systems, Corona Aerospace, Battlespace Simulations and CogSim Technologies.

Quick Facts:

85          Registered In-Person Attendees
145        Registered Remote Attendees

22           Countries Participated
13           Air Forces, Navy and Ground Represented

Feedback from this 2023 seminar has been overwhelmingly positive, and ITTC looks forward to providing this seminar in 2024 as a service to military and civil organisations.

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We look forward to your participation in 2024!

Giorgio Clementi addresses ITTC Seminar attendees
Brendan Pierce addresses seminar attendees
Billie Flynn addresses crowd at ITTC Seminar
David Clementi flies T-50 CDS
simulation centre at ITTC
Mark "RDOG" Staley and Steve Bigg at ITTC Seminar 2023.
Gustavo Ulloa in GCS at ITTC Canada
ITTC Seminar 2023 and L39