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RMAF Students in Simulator Phase of FWIC Course

August 22, 2022

Royal Malaysian Air Force in FWIC Course

The International Tactical Training Centre is leading in innovative solutions for advanced military flight training. The current Fighter Weapons Instructor Course (FWIC) students are taking full advantage of our Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre (AASC). Having just completed the tactical flying phase, these elite Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) fighter pilots are gaining invaluable experience in managing complex scenarios, before transferring what they have learned to their F-18 Hornet, SU-30 and BAE Hawk aircraft in the final phase of the training in Malaysia.

During this phase, they practiced briefing and debriefing and managing realistic missions whilst improving their tactical proficiency and instructional abilities.

Our outstanding team of instructors provides mentoring and continuous feedback to hone the students’ leadership skills. This FWIC will conclude with students and ITTC instructors completing the final flying phase in Malaysia.

Students and instructors at Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre in London Canada
  • RMAF Student in FWIC Course
  • RMAF students and instructors in F/A-18 simulator
  • RMAF Student in FWIC Course
  • Duane Sugar Lecaine with student in F/A-18E simulator
  • ITTC Lecture theatre at Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre
  • Briefing room at Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre ITTC
  • Tyler Chute simulation technician at ITTC
  • RMAF student in F/A-18E simulator at ITTC